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Ovaobike MCR-S

Ovaobike MCR-S

  • Motor 22 kW max. Leistung
  • 148 km/h max. Geschwindigkeit EWG Betriebserlaubnis gedrosselt
  • 2 Akku Lithium Ionen festverbaut insgesamt 9,6 kWh ( 72 V - 134 Ah)
  • Ladezeit 20-80 % 5,5 h
  • Scheibenbremse vorne und hinten von Brembo mit Rekuperation
  • Stauraum mit 16,6 Liter
  • Reichweite ca. 210 km
  • Reifen vorne 110/80-14
  • Reifen hinten 140/70-14




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Introducing the Ovaobike MCR-S, a powerful and eco-friendly motorcycle that boasts a maximum output of 22 kW. With an EWG Betriebserlaubnis gedrosselt, this bike reaches a top speed of 148 km/h. The MCR-S features two lithium-ion batteries that are fixed and provide a total of 9.6 kWh (72 V - 134 Ah). You can charge the batteries from 20-80% in just 5.5 hours. Equipped with front and rear Brembo disc brakes that include regenerative braking, you can enjoy smooth and safe stops. The MCR-S also has a spacious storage compartment with 16.6 liters, perfect for carrying your essentials. With a range of approximately 210 km, this bike is perfect for long-distance travel. The front tire is 110/80-14 and the rear tire is 140/70-14, providing excellent stability and grip.

    € 11.990,00Preis
    Lieferbar vorraussichtlich ab Mai 2023
    Produktseite: Stores_Product_Widget
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